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Martin Rosenfeld

Dating, Self-Disclosure, and Rabbis

In recent months, I have been
involved in two divorce matters in which rabbis played a prominent role. In
each case, a party informed me how a lack of disclosure of a personality flaw
ultimately led to a failed marriage. Unfortunately, in both cases the party who
failed to disclose the relevant information was a rabbi. This article will
examine whether non-disclosure is a viable option in dating situations.

Mediation, Marriage, Divorce, Agunah

The late Rabbi Harry Wohlberg taught Midrash at Yeshiva University to generations of Semikha students. He asked his students on one occasion to explain why the Talmud states that the Mizbeah (altar of the Temple) itself cries for a couple going through a divorce proceeding. Why was this metaphor of a "crying altar" used? Rabbi Wohlberg explained that the altar was the scene of bloody activity on a daily basis, it had become de-sensitized to blood and gore; yet it could not tolerate the scene of a couple seeking to end their marital relationship.

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