Spring '22 Campaign

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Our Institute has an unwavering commitment to the Torah tradition and to the Jewish people. We promote a vision of Orthodox Judaism that is intellectually sound, spiritually compelling, and emotionally satisfying.  Appreciating the amazing diversity within Orthodoxy,  the Institute encourages responsible discussion of issues in Jewish law, philosophy, religious world-view, and communal policy. It sees Judaism as a world religion with a profound message for Jews, and for non-Jews as well. It seeks to apply the ancient wisdom of Judaism to the challenges of contemporary society.

Do you sense that Orthodox Jewish life is

  • narrowing its intellectual horizons?
  • adopting ever more extreme halakhic positions?
  • encouraging undue conformity in dress, behavior and thought?
  • fostering an authoritarian system that restricts creative and independent thinking?
  • growing more insulated from non-Orthodox Jews and from society in general?

Do you think that Orthodox Jewish life should be

  • intellectually alive, creative, inclusive?
  • open to responsible discussion and diverse opinions?
  • active in the general Jewish community, and in society as a whole?
  • engaged in serious and sophisticated Jewish education for children and adults?
  • committed to addressing the halakhic and philosophic problems of our times, drawing on the wisdom and experience of diverse Jewish communities throughout history?

If you agree that Orthodoxy can and should create a better intellectual and spiritual climate, please support THE INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH IDEAS AND IDEALS. The Institute works for an intellectually vibrant, compassionate and inclusive Orthodoxy. Together we can reclaim the grand religious world-view of Torah Judaism at its best.