Thank You 508 Times

A year ago, the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals launched a campaign to raise $650,000. The goal was to raise funds to support the ongoing work of the Institute, and to begin an endowment fund to maintain the Institute in the future. This was a huge goal but vital to the work of the Institute.

We thank the 508 donors to this campaign, all of whom are listed in our Scroll of Honor. The Scroll can be accessed on our website. The campaign raised well over $500,000 in donations, and $161,000 in pledges. So we actually exceeded our goal!

The Institute works for an intellectually vibrant, compassionate and inclusive Orthodox Judaism. Our website,, has been receiving 7000-8000 visits per month. We have come out with ten issues of our journal, Conversations, with many thousands of readers worldwide. Our University Network has expanded dramatically. We have participated in programs and publications in the United States and in Israel. Our Angel for Shabbat column reaches thousands of readers, and is issued in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The Institute has been a resource for hundreds of individuals seeking guidance in matters of Jewish law, philosophy, worldview. We have launched our own youtube channel We have expanded our presence on facebook and twitter. And so much more...

With the rise of religious extremism, obscurantism, and authoritarianism, the Institute's work is more important than ever. Our members and supporters are partners in our work to create a healthier, more diverse and more responsible Orthodox Judaism. We strive to give voice to an Orthodoxy that resonates with thinking Jews, to an Orthodoxy that is concerned with the entire Jewish people--and with the world at large.

To all those who have supported our first campaign, we express sincere gratitude for your generosity and for your willingness to stand up and be counted.

The Institute will continue to grow and will continue to make its voice heard throughout the community. Together we can--and will--do great things. Shalom uvrakha.