At'halta deGe'ulah: The State of Israel as Prelude to the Messianic Era

Rabbi Halevy’s writings reflect a conflict. On the one hand, he firmly believed that we were at the beginning of the period of redemption. On the other hand, he acknowledged that no one knew for certain how the redemption process would unfold. Rabbi Halevy evaluated sources about messianic calculations, natural vs. supernatural redemption, repentance during the period of redemption, and other matters relating to Divine Providence.

As Orthodox Rabbis, We Support the Israeli Supreme Court Decision

The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that the State of Israel must recognize conversions performed by Conservative and Reform rabbis in Israel, for purposes of Israeli Jewish citizenship. This decision has raised a firestorm of controversy, with much of the Orthodox religious and political leadership condemning it. Rabbis Weiss and Angel offer a positive Orthodox response. This article appeared in the March 4, 2021 Jerusalem Post.

Interpersonal Mitzvoth and Mitzvoth Between Humans and God

It is well known that all mitzvoth fall into two major categories: those between humans are God-bein adam laMakom, and those between humans and their fellows-bein adam leHaveiro. The question we wish to discuss here is which of these two categories is, as it were, more weighty. Formulated differently: If there were to be a clash between two different mitzvoth from these two categories, which one would prevail?