Darwin and the Rabbis: Understandings of the Divine Image in an Evolved World

Since the scientific revolution, people have expected from religion the kind of truth we have come to know from science. To elevate scientific truth as the only kind of worthwhile truth is a big mistake. In its stead, we must cultivate the awareness that we can benefit greatly from being able to encounter different kinds of truth in our lives, and appreciate each for the unique gifts it bestows.

Torah Truths and the Consilience of Human Knowledge

The Torah is a deep and exciting body of knowledge which embodies everlasting truths.  This is not simply a statement of belief but the result of millennia of proof. 


Although a revolution in its day when such things as human sacrifice were common, today the tenet of the ten commandments:  “Thou shalt not kill.” is a “creed” (a synonym for Tenet) for nearly the whole world.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg of truths found in knowledge gleaned from the Torah which today is part of common belief for the society that humanity has evolved.