Democratic and anti-Democratic Synagogues and Rabbis

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Rabbi Seth Kadish has written a powerful--and disturbing--article about the nature of the local rabbinate in Israel. The article provides important insight into why the Orthodox rabbinic establishment in Israel is so unpopular among much of the Israeli population. It demonstrates how power can corrupt a religious hierarchy, undermining the very ideals to which religion is committed.

Rabbi Kadish reflects on the model of the American Modern Orthodox synagogue and rabbinate. While this model has its shortcomings, it also has many strengths that can be of value to religious life in Israel.

I've published this essay as the Featured Article on our website's homepage. I ask that you read it carefully, and share your thoughts about it on this blog site. Please feel free to comment on your views of the Israeli and American models of synagogues/rabbinates. Do you have practical suggestions that can strengthen Modern Orthodoxy in Israel and the diaspora? How can a Modern Orthodox vision of Judaism win the hearts and minds of enough Jews, so that real change can emerge in a positive way?