Modern Orthodoxy by any other name.... Contest Results

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I thank all those who participated in the recent discussion about a suitable name for "Modern Orthodoxy". The comments were very perceptive and helpful. I also received a number of comments directly, from people who did not put their comments online.

I'm afraid, though, that I don't think anyone has "won" the contest, at least not yet. No one has come up with a better name, and some have strongly advocated maintaining "Modern Orthodoxy" as our banner. Some of the suggestions are too general, and don't specifically refer to the characteristics implicit in the term Modern Orthodoxy. Others want to drop the word "Orthodoxy" altogether, but then we would enter a whole different set of problems.

Although we haven't (yet) come up with a suitable alternative, I ask readers to keep offering their suggestions. As for the contest (that ended today, May 1), I will contact each of the partipants in this blog discussion and inform them of their prizes. Everyone has won, even though no one has won the "grand prize".

One thing is very clear: Modern Orthodoxy needs to be more outgoing and confident, less apologetic. We have a powerful religious message and way of life, and we need to promote it courageously and actively. We need to support those individuals and institutions that foster our values, and we need to speak up in our own communities on behalf of an intellectually vibrant, compassionate and inclusive Orthodoxy.

Together we can do great things.