Online classes by Rabbi Hayyim Angel

Online classes by Rabbi Hayyim Angel

National Scholar

Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals


These links are organized in the order of the Bible. 

Dual Causality in Biblical Narratives

Acquiring a Derekh Limmud in Tanakh: Reflections on the Methodology of Rabbi Elhanan Samet

The Dinah Narrative (Genesis 34): Moral Ambiguities in a Dreadful Story (sources)

Eye for An Eye: The Interface of Peshat and Halakha

Why Didn’t Moshe Rabbeinu Apologize After the Sin at Mei Meriva?

Halakhic Sections in Devarim and Applications in Nakh: When Conflicts Arise in Interpretation

Love and Politics in Sefer Shemuel: Analysis of the complex relationships between Saul, Jonathan, Michal, and David

The Davidic Covenant in II Samuel and its Later Manifestations in Tanakh


Cut the Baby in Half (I Kings chapter 3): Understanding Shelomo’s Divine Wisdom

Reading the Shlomo Narratives Backwards and Forwards

King Ahab: Did He Do Something Right? (sources)

Different Facets of the Celebrated Prophecy of Isaiah 2:1–4

Prophecy as Potential: The Consolations of Yeshayahu in Context (Isaiah chapters 1-12)

Two Ways of Reading Sefer Yeshayahu: All Consolation or Ultra Harsh?

Jeremiah: How could Jeremiah persuade his audience that he was telling the truth?

Unique Dimensions of Sefer Yehezkel

The Role of Yehezkel’s Priesthood in His Prophetic Mission

Yehezkel’s Vision of the Temple: Ch. 40-48

The Message of Sefer Yoel

Amos, the Social Justice Prophet (sources)

Zephaniah’s Use of the Genesis Narrative

The Message of the Book of Haggai

Sefer Haggai vs. Sefer Ezra: Two Perspectives on the Same Events

The Message of Zecharya

Zechariah chapters 3-4: The Relationship between God, Zerubbavel, and Yehoshua

Confronting Tragedy: Job and Lamentations

Deciphering Zecharyah’s Vision’s: Ch. 5–6

Tehillim in Transition: How Prayers Transform

Psalms 105-106: Decoding Historical Psalms

Three-part series on the Book of Ruth:

Part 1: Megillat Ruth: Complexity in a Simple Story I

Part 2:  Megillat Ruth: Complexity in a Simple Story II

Part 3:  Megillat Ruth: Complexity in a Simple Story III

Three-part series on Ezra-Nehemiah:

Part 1: Ezra 1-6: What Went Wrong and What Went Right (sources)

Part 2: Ezra chapters 7-10: Ezra as Halakhic Authority (sources)

Part 3: Nehemiah: A Very Different Kind of Leader (sources)

Ahaz in Melakhim and Divrei Hayamim

The Books of the Maccabees and Rabbinic Thought: Getting to the Roots of Hanukkah- mp3 audio.