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Ever since the dawn of history, material possessions and wealth have been seen as posing basic ethical and spiritual problems. All religions, therefore, have had to offer some perspective regarding the scope and legitimacy of economic activity. Judaism is no exception in this respect, though it differs radically from all other religions in the answers it provides to the relevant questions.

In October 2007, we opened our Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. Our goal was--and still is--to promote an Orthodox Judaism that is intellectually vibrant, compassionate and inclusive.  Our Institute is a strong--and often lonely--proponent of an Orthodoxy that eschews authoritarianism, extremism, and religious coercion.

Moses and Aaron had been unable to foresee or fend off the “gloomititis.” This, it may be suggested, was the “sin” that disqualified them from entering the promised land. They had fallen out of touch with the needs and feelings of the people, and thus they were no longer able to lead them properly.

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Rabbi Kook’s writings are generally, but not always very mystical and difficult to understand. However, Rabbi Ari Ze’ev Schwartz’s book “The Spiritual Revolution of Rav Kook” unravels the writings with a new translation, with each chapter being divided into clearly stated topic headings added by Rabbi Schwartz, such as the individual, Torah, God, teshuvah, prayer, creativity, Zionism, science, and vegetarianism.

Here are a few vignettes about co-operation and co-existence in Israel...things that rarely get covered in the media.