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Rabbi Hayyim Angel reviews Rabbi Marc Angel's new volume, a collection of articles, "Sephardim, Sephardism and Jewish Peoplehood." For information about ordering the book, please email [email protected]

Hanukkah reminds us that the Jewish People have long faced enemies of all kinds…but that we have been able to prevail! With the help of the Almighty, and with our own personal commitment, we will continue to bring light, love and kindness to our world.

Perhaps the Torah is teaching us to be attentive to the Leahs and Rebeccas among us. No one should have to die feeling that their lives had been unfulfilled, second best, unimportant to those among whom they lived.

The term Orthodox is misleading because it hints at a uniform standard of religious conduct that, in reality, does not exist. When used to enforce exclusivity—the holier-than-thou phenomenon—it can become haughty, condescending, downright mean: ‘I am more Jewish than you.’

Although the medieval recasting of Hanukkah as a celebration of the victories of the Maccabees is important, the core of the talmudic observance celebrates the Sages' stand against assimilation and religious zealotry.

When we speak of imbuing children with good midot and derekh erets, we are speaking of the creation of the total mentch that he or she can become. This quest cannot be accomplished by measures that address only a part of that whole. We must address the whole person.