Conversations is the print journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

Conversations focuses on major themes confronting our community. It discusses major issues in contemporary Orthodox and general Jewish life. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our many readers. The journal has attracted articles from a diverse group of writers, scholars, rabbis and communal activists.

It is lively, thought-provoking - it generates discussions and conversations. Conversations provides the community - Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike - with a forum that demonstrates the intellectual vibrancy, diversity and creativity within the Orthodox Jewish world.

How to get Conversations

Conversations is mailed directly to active members of the Institute. Please be sure your address is current in your My Account area. Please consider becoming a member of the Institute to receive this and many other benefits.

Conversations Issues

This issue includes an anthology of articles dealing with the halakha, hashkafa and historic challenges relating to conversion to Judaism. Among the authors are Rabbi Chaim Amsellem, Rabbis Marc and Hayyim Angel, Dr. Zvi Zohar, Rabbi Shaul Farber and other impressive scholars.  

A proper religious worldview includes commitment to making the world a better place. This issue of Conversations deals with Torah Judaism's responsibility for society, for our environment, for human dignity.  It includes articles on women as Orthodox Jewish religious leaders; faith development; end of life issues. Among the authors are Rabbis Marc and Hayyim Angel, Dr.

This issue focuses on aspects of Sephardic/Pan-Sephardic civilization, and on the need for all Jews to become more familiar with these components of Jewish experience.

This issue offers a range of articles on an expansive, inclusive and engaged Orthodoxy. Among the authors are Senator Joseph Lieberman, Rabbi Marc Angel and Pamela Ehrenkranz. Articles deal with expanding our intellectual horizons; interfaith relations; travel; music, and other topics.

This special issue of Conversations includes a collection of articles by Rabbi Hayyim Angel. Among the topics are: Religious Tanakh Methodology; Dogma and Heresy; the Chosen People; Conversion; Afterlife in Jewish Thought; Tradition and Modernity.