Learning Opportunities from our National Scholar

We are pleased to announce that our National Scholar, Rabbi Hayyim Angel, has just republished a Revised Second Edition of his book, Through an Opaque Lens: The Bible Refracted through Eternal Rabbinic Wisdom, with Kodesh Press. It contains twenty of his biblical studies.
It is available in paperback or in an electronic format for Kindle at amazon.com.
We remind you of the new feature on our website, jewishideas.org, that provides online learning opportunities. You can access many lectures by Rabbi Hayyim Angel by going to our new Online Learning area.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLASS ON BOOK OF SHOFETIM:  Tonight (October 30) is the third session in a 9-part class given by Rabbi Hayyim Angel on the book of Shofetim. It's not too late to join! The class meets on Wednesday nights, 7:15-8:15 pm, at Lincoln Square Synagogue, 68th and Amsterdam Avenue, NYC.