Maimonides: Essential Teachings on Jewish Faith and Ethics--a New Book by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Rabbi Marc D. Angel has come out with a new book, published by Skylight Illuminations, a division of Jewish Lights Publishers. Entitled: "Maimonides: Essential Teachings on Jewish Faith and Ethics," the book includes an introduction to Maimonides' religious philosophy; an English translation of most of Maimonides' Book of Knowledge and his 13 Principles of Faith; and a running commentary by Rabbi Angel. This book allows the reader not only to learn about Maimonides, but to study his essential teachings in his own words (translated into English).

The book is available through the online store at Bulk rates are available by contacting [email protected] The book is valuable not only for personal study, but for group discussions and adult education classes.

In this accessible examination of Maimonides’s theological and philosophical teachings, Rabbi Angel opens up for us Maimonides’ views on the nature of God, providence, prophecy, free will, human nature, repentance and more. He explores basic concepts of faith that Maimonides posits must serve as the basis for proper religious life. He also examines Maimonides’ insights on reward and punishment, messianic days, the world to come and other tenets of Jewish faith.

“An invaluable new translation ... a valuable overview of Maimonides’s theological thought [and] a very helpful, lucid commentary that makes the work accessible.”
—Dr. Howard Wettstein, editor, Midwest Studies in Philosophy; professor of philosophy, University of California

"Accessible and authoritative....Gracefully traces the contours of Maimonides' attempt to liberate Judaism from particularism and obscurantism. A wonderful and refreshing achievement."
--Dr. Menachem Kellner, Department of Jewish History and Thought, University of Haifa