Youtube Classes by Rabbis Hayyim and Marc Angel

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Rabbis Hayyim and Marc Angel recently gave Zoom classes, and each class has been posted on our Institute's website:  Below are brief descriptions of the classes. This enables you to learn from the classes at your own convenience. Enjoy...and Learn!


Israel in the Bible

Rabbi Hayyim Angel


In this series, we get to the heart of the central values in the Torah
and the rest of the Bible pertaining to the people of Israel and the
Land of Israel. Through the study of key biblical texts and rabbinic
interpretations, we build a foundation that informs all later
discussions of the religious significance of the Land of Israel for
the Jewish people. This series focuses on biblical values, not
contemporary politics.

Israel in the Torah
Israel in the Prophets
Israel in the Early Second Temple Period


Literature and Religion

Rabbi Marc D. Angel

This series deals with important literary works with themes that impact on religious ideas and ideals. Each class connects these themes to teachings in Judaism.

  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson: Personal Religion
  2. Matthew Arnold: Hebraism, Hellenism, Biblical Righteousness
  3. Nathaniel Hawthorne: Sin, Guilt, Punishment
  4. Miguel de Unamuno: Faith/Doubt/Piety
  5. George Eliot: “Daniel Deronda” and the Jewish Question
  6. Henrik Ibsen: Ethics and Religion