Are we "Modern" or "Centrist" or "Open" or....Who Are We?

Submitted by mdangel1 on

In recent years, the "right wing" Orthodox world has found a number of names that describe them: "Hareidi"; "Black Hat"; "Yeshivish". The rest of the Orthodox community (and the large majority) have various terms applied to them, all of which seem to cause discomfort. "Modern Orthodox", "Centrist Orthodox", and "Open Orthodox" are all used, but often with an apology. These terms somehow convey a wishy-washy philosophy, a lack of conviction, an overarching liberalism.

Does anyone have any better ideas for a title for the Orthodoxy that is not Hareidi, but that is highly principled and deeply religious? Is there a one or two word title that can capture the essence of who we are and represent our community in a confident, unapologetic way?

The Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals asks for your suggestions. The winner (or winners) will receive a gift certificate of $100 to buy books from our online store. Plus the winner (or winners) will have the satisfaction of helping our community find a new verbal logo. Please put your suggestions on the blogsite before May 1. We'll then determine which suggestion (if any) will prevail.