Supporting Israel: Defeating the Boycotters

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The State of Israel faces attacks on many fronts. Its enemies are relentless in striving to hurt Israel in every possible way. One area of attack is in the area of economics. There have been concerted efforts to boycott Israeli products and to undermine Israel's reputation in the eyes of the business community.

I recently read that the Jewish community in Canada has found a way to stand up effectively against the boycotters and anti-Israel propagandists. When boycotts have been attempted, the Jewish community has bought Israeli products and has encouraged friends and supporters to do likewise. The result has been amazing: Israeli products have actually become more popular and more desirable in the market place. The boycotts have backfired.

This lesson should be learned by friends of Israel in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world. Let's buy Israeli products as often as we can. Let's give Israeli-made gifts to our friends and neighbors. When we hear that a particular Israeli product or company is being boycotted, let's buy as much of these products as we can, and let's encourage everyone we know to do the same. If we have businesses, let's be sure to carry Israeli products proudly. If millions of friends of Israel will buy Israeli products regularly, we can deflect the negative campaigns of anti-Israel propagandists, and can demonstrate the desirability of buying and selling products from Israel.

The enemies of Israel never seem to tire from their barrage of attacks, slanders and vilifications. The friends of Israel must be strong, active and effective in defeating the enemies of Israel. We can play a role on behalf of Israel by buying Israeli products and defending the good name of the Jewish State. We can and will succeed--one purchase at a time.