Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Korn, Eugene "Be a Blessing" Spring 2017/5777 28 89-97
Krinsky, Alan Orthodoxy and Mission Autumn 2013/5774 17 59-64
Krinsky, Alan Servitude, Liberation, Redemption: Can Servants of God be Free? Fall 2022/5783 40 26-41
Krupka Berger, Miriam The Worldview of Prophets and Utopians: A Study in Contrasts Autumn 2016/5777 26 33-44
Landau, Judith EVE-OLUTION: An Overview of the Dramatic Progress in Educational Opportunities for Girls and Women in Israel Spring 2011/5771 10 36-41
Landau, Pinchas Sounds of Silence Spring 2010/5770 7 167-181
Landau, Pinchas Halakha and the Fourth Estate Spring 2013/5773 16 166-186
Landau, Pinchas A Tale of Two Bros and Two Boroughs: by Pinchas Landau Autumn 2016/5777 26 45-61
Landau, Pinchas The Future of Israeli Hareidism Spring 2011/5771 10 78-92
Lapian, Esther When Worlds Collide: Why Observant Student Teachers Refuse to Teach in the Mamlachti Dati School System Spring 2010/5770 7 133-142