Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Hecht, Moshe Tradition or Reality: How to Learn Jewish History Spring 2022/5782 39 109-112
Ascher, Gloria Sephardic Wisdom for Challenging Times Spring 2022/5782 39 50-57
Zohar, Zvi Rabbi Yosef Hayyim of Baghdad on the Religious Importance of General and Jewish Studies Spring 2022/5782 39 38-49
Weiss, Avi Searching for Spirituality in the Yom Kippur Avodah Service Spring 2022/5782 39 28-37
Arking, Jonathan Halakhic Response to Meta-Halakhic Values Spring 2022/5782 39 76-88
Angel, Hayyim Identity, Royalty and Contentment: Breastfeeding in Tanakh Spring 2022/5782 39 58-66
Kellner, Menachem Which Judaism Should We Teach Our Children, and When? Spring 2022/5782 39 13-16
Schotten, Peter Higher Education and Jewish Education: Knowledge is Power Spring 2022/5782 39 67-75
Angel, Marc D. S. Y. Agnon: Thoughts on a Great Israeli Writer Autumn 2021/5782 38 116-121
Angel, Marc D. Teachings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Autumn 2021/5782 38 37-41