Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Angel, Hayyim Battling for the Soul of Orthodoxy: The Essential Teachings of Rabbi Marc D. Angel Spring 2023/5783 41 1-7
Farber, Shaul Seth Balancing Halakha, Jewish Peoplehood, and Democracy in Israel Autumn 2012/5773 14 118-125
Garfinkel, Renee and Rothstein, Hannah Authority or Authoritarianism? Dynamics of Power in the Contemporary Orthodox Rabbinate Spring 2010/5770 7 121-132
Angel, Marc D. Authority and Dissent: A Discussion of Boundaries Winter 2018/5778 30 102-113
Angel, Hayyim At'halta deGe'ulah: The State of Israel as Prelude to the Messianic Era Winter 2017/5777 27 118-129
Kirchheimer, Janet At the Water's Edge Autumn 2011/5772 11 65-69
Bieler, Jack Aspiring to Personal Sheleimut (Wholeness), by Rabbi Jack Bieler Autumn 2016/5777 26 62-70
Cohen, Ariel Ashkenazim and Sephardim—United in Education Autumn 2017/5778 29 19-24
Kastner, Linda Art Appreciation and Creativity Development in the Jewish Day School Autumn 2011/5772 11 101-109
Feuerman, Simcha Are Gedolim Stories Good for Chinuch?[1] Autumn 2011/5772 11 31-42