Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Knopf, Anthony Placing Judaic Values at the Center of the Jewish Agenda Autumn 2014/5775 20 10-35
Sperber, Daniel Daily Birkat Kohanim in the Diaspora Autumn 2014/5775 20 150155
Redman, Barbara Thou Shalt Not Oppress the Ger Autumn 2014/5775 20 81-90
Gottlieb, Mel Bridges Across the Divide Autumn 2014/5775 20 68-80
Levin, Chaviva What Medieval Jewish Apostates Can Teach Us about the Mitzvah of Ahavat haGer Autumn 2015/5776 23 196-207
Juni, Samuel The Failed Education of Jewish Second-Generation Holocaust Survivors Autumn 2015/5776 23 227-246
Klapper, Aryeh Does Halakha Evolve? Thoughts on Speciation and Sectarianism Autumn 2015/5776 23 116-121
Hordes, Stanley M. Between Toleration and Persecution: The Relationship of the Inquisition and Crypto-Jews on the Northern Frontier of New Spain, 1589–1663* Autumn 2015/5776 23 247-272
Zohar, Zvi Unilateral Divorce against the Husband’s Will Autumn 2015/5776 23 122-136
Lopes Cardozo, Nathan Needed: Redemptive Halakha Autumn 2015/5776 23 29-44