Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Lelli, Fabrizio Poetry, Myth, and Kabbala: Jewish and Christian Intellectual Encounters in Late Medieval Italy Spring 2012/5772 13 53-67
Ration, Jack THE COUNTER-DIRECTONS OF THE SEPHARDIM Spring 2012/5772 13 171-196
Mayse, Ariel Evan Or ha-Hayyim: Creativity, Tradition and Mysticism in the Torah Commentary of R. Hayyim ibn Attar Spring 2012/5772 13 68-89
Sopher, Rachel An Evolving Sephardic Identity Spring 2012/5772 13 156-163
Bouskila, Daniel The Idealist and the Pragmatist: Rav Benzion Uziel and Rav Ovadia Yosef Spring 2012/5772 13 39-41
Den Hollander, Sjimon R. In Search of an Authentic Judaism: Blessings and Challenges of Modern Orthodoxy. Spring 2013/5773 16 87-100
Wettstein, Howard Ba’al Teshuvah Twice Over Spring 2013/5773 16 36-44
Kashkin, Yisrael Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate Spring 2013/5773 16 140-144
Schnall, Eliezer Messaging the Jewish Community: Intuitive Derivation or Empirical Validation? Spring 2013/5773 16 64-69
Lopes Cardozo, Nathan Lonely, But Not Alone Spring 2013/5773 16 1-35