Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Bouskila, Daniel The Idealist and the Pragmatist: Rav Benzion Uziel and Rav Ovadia Yosef Spring 2012/5772 13 39-41
Shamah, Morris Observations of an Observant Ophthalmologist 6 39-43
Bitton, Yifat Old-Fashioned Discrimination, New-Style Battle Spring 2008/5768 1 39-45
Ruben, Alana The Book of Esther and the Gift of Transformation Spring 2023/5783 41 39-48
Brill, Alan Many Nations Under God: Judaism and Other Religions Autumn 2008/5769 2 39-49
Gottlieb, Mel Mussar: A Jewish Psycho-Ethical Model for Our Time Autumn 2010/5771 8 39-51
Khedouri, Nancy Peace, Religious Pluralism, and Tolerance: A View from Bahrain Autumn 2016/5777 26 4-15
Chouraqui, Yitschak The Leadership and Traditions of the Sephardi Sages in the Modern Era Spring 2010/5770 7 4-18
Farber, Shaul Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's Views on Orthodoxy in Israel Spring 2011/5771 10 4-8
Dvorkin, Udi Orthodoxy and the Liberal Denominations Spring 2017/5777 28 40-45