Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Chouraqui, Yitschak and Zenou, David A Sephardic Perspective: Addressing Social and Religious Divides within Israeli Society Spring 2011/5771 10 71-77
Chouraqui, Yitschak The Leadership and Traditions of the Sephardi Sages in the Modern Era Spring 2010/5770 7 4-18
Chernick, Michael One Person’s Science Is Another’s Superstition Spring 2020/5780 35 56-69
Cherlow, Yuval The Torah and the Natural Ways of the World Winter 2009/5769 3 12-16
Cherlow, Yuval Single Women Who Want to Have a Baby Autumn 2010/5771 8 95-111
Cherlow, Yuval “Jewish” and “Democratic”—Can They Co-exist? Autumn 2012/5773 14 60-70
Carmy, Shalom The Nature of Inquiry: A Common Sense Perspective Fall 2022/5783 40 47-62
Carmy, Shalom Always Connect Winter 2013/5773 15 1-12
Cardozo, Nathan L. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Vulnerability Autumn 2008/5769 2 25-28
Cardozo, Nathan L. On the Nature and Future of Halakha in Relation to Autonomous Religiosity Spring 2010/5770 7 66-82