Insights from the Sephardic Tradition: An Educational Guide

This 161 page booklet, published through the Sephardic Initiative of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals and the Sephardic Educational Center, includes 3 sections. Rabbi Hayyim Angel writes on Tanakh and Sephardic Inclusion  in the Yeshiva High School Curriculum. Rabbi Devin Villareal presents Timeless Wisdom for Timely Questions relating to individual rights and communal responsibility. Dr. Murray Mizrachi discusses a Sephardic component to Zionism in Israel education.  These booklets are offered FREE for educators in Jewish schools and synagogues, for those educators who register on this link:   For all others, the booklet is available at nominal cost of $12 plus shipping. For those living outside the United States, we can provide a pdf of the booklet.