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Improving the World, One Person at a Time

Can one person really make a difference? The surprising anwer is: Yes. If that person understands his/her mission and has the courage to strive to achieve it, the answer is: Yes. If that person recognizes that spiritual greatness can be achieved through idealism, kindness, compassion and service to others, the answer is: Yes. If that person seeks righteousness and walks humbly with God, the answer is: Yes.

Thoughts on Parashat Haazinu

Angel for Shabbat

Thoughts on Parashat Haazinu

by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

The Haazinu poem is Moses' admonition to the people of Israel, recited to them shortly before his death. In the second verse, he uses the imagery of rain to symbolize his hope that his teachings will sink into the people and be beneficial to them.