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Rabbi Hayyim Angel is Guest Editor of this amazing issue of Conversations. Leading Orthodox educators from the United States and Israel share their knowledge and insights on the proper, vibrant, creative and exciting study of the Bible.


Dr. Daniel Jackson, a member of our Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, has written an open letter to Chief Rabbi Mirvis regarding the current controversy surrounding Rabbi Joseph Dweck of the Spanish and Portuguese Congregation of London. Right wing elements of the Orthodox community have been waging a campaign against Rabbi Dweck, in the hope of having him removed from his rabbinic position. Chief Rabbi Mirvis has been drawn into this controversy. We've posted Dr. Jackson's important letter on our Institute's website.


The spring 2012 issue of Conversations features articles relating to Sephardic approaches to Jewish law; kabbala; Judeo-Spanish tradition; Sephardic identity and more. It also includes an article on late medieval Italian Jewry, and an essay dealing with the Benei Israel of India.


The winter 2012 issue of Conversations features a collection of articles by Rabbi Marc D. Angel on a range of topics. These articles, written over the past 25 years, deal with Jewish law, worldview, contemporary issues, and Sephardic culture. This is a powerful and provocative issue that you will not want to miss.


For religious Zionists, Israel is both a dream and a reality. This issue of Conversations deals with the religious significance of the State, the role of religion in Israel, the place of Orthodoxy in Israel. Among authors in this issue are Rabbi Shaul Farber, Dr. Menachem and Jolene Kellner, Dr. Zvi Zohar and Susan Weiss.


While many Orthodox Jews are spiritually alive, many other seem to have problems with their spirituality. They might be following halakha, going through the rites and routines of Judaism; and nevertheless, they feel distant from the Almighty.This issue of Conversations brings together an impressive group of authors who approach the topic of spirituality in Orthodoxy from various points of view. Among the authors are Dr. Howard Wettstein, Rabbi Avraham Weiss, Rabbi Jeremy Rosen and Maxine Angel.


Ethical living is a vital component in Judaism. Service To the Almighty is not, and cannot be, separated from our honesty, integrity, and compassion. This issue of Conversations focuses on the centrality and scope of ethics in Torah Judaism.Among this issue's authors are Dr. Benjamin M. Friedman, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Sperber, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow and Rachel Levmore.


Orthodoxy is not a monolithic entity. There is not one--and only one--correct way of believing and observing Torah Judaism. This issue explores the diversity within Orthodoxy and within Jewish traiditon. Among the authors are Marc D. Angel, Yitschak Chouraqui, Nathan Lopes Cardozo, and Jennifer Lewis.


This issue deals with gender and family issues, especially as related to Orthodox values and behavior patterns. Topics include parenting, dating, mikvah issues, singles, feminist issues, women participation in synagogue life...and more. Among the authors are Michelle Friedman, Daniel Sperber, Naomi Schacter and Naomi Ragen.


This special issue of Conversations deals with many topics relating to Jewish education. Leading educators share their views in a symposium on the current status of Day School education. Articles cover a wide range of topics--teaching ethical behavior; education beyond the classroom; special education; the nature of religious education...and more..