Susan Ammer and Miriam Lewitinn, Yavneh Academy

Susan Ammer and Miriam Lewitinn

Combining my Sephardic theme loosely to TuB'shvat, I am using the opportunity to explore our "family" trees and customs. 

I am also hoping that in the course of completing this form the parents & even extended family will have stories to share.

My plan is to have the children on a rotational basis present their families to all of us. If possible, and of course with parental consent, I am encouraging them to bring in pictures and artifacts as well that come from their countries of origin and/or are used in our various religious observances.

We are continuing to inject Sephardic customs into the teaching of chagim. A special emphasis will be put on Pesach. I am blessed to have two associates of Sephardic heritage who will be enriching us with their minhagim.

Our music teacher is on board with teaching the 3rd grade classes her favorite Ladino song and also a few others. Our 3rd grade classes are looking forward to a very productive and informative exchange.