Conversations Article Title Index

Title Author Date Issue number Page Nos.
The Halakhic Obligation of Jewish-Christian Dialogue Ehrenkranz, Joseph Autumn 2014/5775 20 129-139
Defensive in the Center Waxman, Chaim I. Autumn 2014/5775 20 1-9
Can We Build Bridges Both to the Left and to the Right—Simultaneously? Lopatin, Asher Autumn 2014/5775 20 62-67
The Yeshiva and the Academy Angel, Hayyim Autumn 2014/5775 20 91-97
Academic Talmud in the Bet Midrash Wieder, Jeremy Autumn 2015/5776 23 208-215
Halakhic Change vs. Demographic Change Waxman, Chaim I. Autumn 2015/5776 23 45-65
Does Halakha Evolve? Thoughts on Speciation and Sectarianism Klapper, Aryeh Autumn 2015/5776 23 116-121
Between Toleration and Persecution: The Relationship of the Inquisition and Crypto-Jews on the Northern Frontier of New Spain, 1589–1663* Hordes, Stanley M. Autumn 2015/5776 23 247-272
Conversion to Judaism: Halakha, Hashkafa, and Historic Challenge Angel, Marc D. Autumn 2015/5776 23 171-195
What Medieval Jewish Apostates Can Teach Us about the Mitzvah of Ahavat haGer Levin, Chaviva Autumn 2015/5776 23 196-207