Conversations Author Index

Author Title Date Issue number Page Nos.
Bigman, David Expanding Our Religious Vocabulary Spring 2009/5769 4 52-56
Mendes, Barbara Sparked by Torah Autumn 2011/5772 11 52-58
Angel, Hayyim The Chosen People: An Ethical Challenge Autumn 2010/5771 8 52-60
Silverstein, David Jewish Law and the Delicate Balance Between Meaning and Authority Winter 2019/5779 33 53-62
Helfgot, Nathaniel Reflections on the Use of Non-Orthodox Wisdom in the Orthodox Study of Tanakh Winter 2013/5773 15 53-64
Lelli, Fabrizio Poetry, Myth, and Kabbala: Jewish and Christian Intellectual Encounters in Late Medieval Italy Spring 2012/5772 13 53-67
Kitrossky, Miriam et al Machanaim: The Search for a Spiritual Revival of Judaism among Russian Jews Spring 2010/5770 7 54-65
Luria, Mordechai Notes on Spirituality, Halakha, and The Guide of the Perplexed Winter 2011/5771 9 54-71
Polonsky, Pinchas Relationship Between Ideals and Commandments in Judaism Spring 2018/5778 31 54-79
Smith, Walter A Bright Example of Multifaith Cooperation Autumn 2008/5769 2 55-57