Please update your contact information

Shalom to all members of the University Network of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. I hope you've been having a good summer. The beginning of the new academic year is not far off, and I ask that you check your contact information on our website ( and update it if you'll have a new mailing address. The new issue of our journal Conversations is due out in September and I want to be sure that it reaches you. The theme is: Orthodoxy: Family and Gender Issues. It will be quite powerful, and I think you'll find it very worthwhile reading. Please update your mailing information asap, and not later than September 1.

The University Network is planning to expand its activities during the coming year. We hope to have a more active and user-friendly discussion group. We also are available to respond to your inquiries on issues on your minds, and many of you have contacted me during the past year. Please let your fellow students know that they too can sign up as members of the University Network. It's free, and it can be a good resource for students interested in an intellectually vibrant, compassionate and inclusive Orthodox Judaism.

Best wishes. Shalom uvrakha.