University Network News

Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Shalom uvrakha,

I hope your academic year has been going well.

We are now recruiting Campus Fellows for the coming academic year. Campus Fellows receive a stipend and expense money and are obligated to arrange two programs per semester that focus on issues relating to modern Orthodoxy, Torah study, religious life etc. Rabbi Hayyim Angel serves as Director of our Campus Fellows Program. For more information and an application, please see

If you have questions about the Campus Fellows Program, please contact Rabbi Hayyim Angel directly:  [email protected]

Members of the University Network receive our journal, Conversations, three times a year. They also receive our various divrei Torah and emailings.  There are no fees to be a member of the University Network, so please invite your classmates to register for the University Network by going to our website

If you are no longer a university student, please let us know asap so we can update our records. We invite you to become regular members of our Institute.

Also, please let us know if/when you have a change of mailing address.

Thanks and best wishes.