Conversations is the print journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals.

Conversations focuses on major themes confronting our community. It discusses major issues in contemporary Orthodox and general Jewish life. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our many readers. The journal has attracted articles from a diverse group of writers, scholars, rabbis and communal activists.

It is lively, thought-provoking - it generates discussions and conversations. Conversations provides the community - Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike - with a forum that demonstrates the intellectual vibrancy, diversity and creativity within the Orthodox Jewish world.

How to get Conversations

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Conversations Issues

For religious Zionists, Israel is both a dream and a reality. This issue of Conversations deals with the religious significance of the State, the role of religion in Israel, the place of Orthodoxy in Israel.

While many Orthodox Jews are spiritually alive, many other seem to have problems with their spirituality.

Ethical living is a vital component in Judaism. Service To the Almighty is not, and cannot be, separated from our honesty, integrity, and compassion. This issue of Conversations focuses on the centrality and scope of ethics in Torah Judaism.Among this issue's authors are Dr. Benjamin M. Friedman, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Sperber, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow and Rachel Levmore.


Orthodoxy is not a monolithic entity. There is not one--and only one--correct way of believing and observing Torah Judaism. This issue explores the diversity within Orthodoxy and within Jewish traiditon. Among the authors are Marc D. Angel, Yitschak Chouraqui, Nathan Lopes Cardozo, and Jennifer Lewis.

This issue deals with rationalism, science and the pursuit of truth. To what extent does Orthodoxy encourage or allow intellectual freedom? How does a faith-based religion deal with the methods and findings of modern science? Among the authors are Menachem Kellner, Reuven Bulka, Richard Grazi and David G. Di Segni.