Truth, Compassion--and the Vindication of Humanity: Thoughts for Parashat Shelah Lekha

When we strive to internalize the teachings and characteristics of Moses and Aaron, we bring more Truth and Compassion into the world. In our day to day lives, these little steps may seem trivial in the face of the many problems confronting us and humanity. Yet in the cosmic struggle for the soul of humankind, we move the world a little closer to the day when Truth will blossom forth from the earth. May this day come sooner rather than later.

Leadership Styles: Thoughts on Parashat Ki Tissa

Angel for Shabbat, Parashat Ki Tissa by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

As Moses descended from the mountain with the Tablets of the Covenant, he heard a great commotion from the Israelite camp. Joshua, Moses’ faithful attendant, stated: “There is a noise of war in the camp.” Moses corrected Joshua. The noise wasn’t warlike, but rather was the sound of singing.

Indeed, what Moses and Joshua heard was the tumult created by the Israelites celebrating around the golden calf! Joshua had erred in his evaluation of the situation.