Studying Alone; Wearing Face Masks; Judging Others; Bar/Bat Mitzvah Presents: Rabbi Marc Angel Responds to Questions from the Jewish Press

The Jewish Press newspaper has a bi-weekly feature in which several rabbis are asked to respond to the editor's questions. Rabbi Marc Angel is one of the respondents, and here are several of his responses to recent questions.

In Praise of Make-Believe

Our religious consciousness may essentially involve, not an ability to find internal consistency between contradictory understandings, but the mental versatility to accommodate inconsistencies. We have warrant to sanctify our world with make-believe, carefully measuring that make-believe against a humane, responsible code of conduct.

Melodies from Old Women

These are the kind of people whose melodies sound old, but are really as new as the morning sun. May our people be blessed to find their special melodies and may we never become so afraid of each other that we fail to sing and share our special songs.