Thoughts on the Teachings of Martin Buber

People are greatly in need of a liberating religious message. We yearn for relationship with our fellow human beings; we reach out for a spiritual direction to the Eternal Thou. It is not easy to be a strong, whole and self-confident I; it is not easy to relate to others as genuine Thous; it is a challenge to reach out to the Eternal Thou. Yet, without these proper relationships, neither we nor our society can flourish properly.

Celebrating our Institute's 16th Anniversary

The Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals began as an idea, as a framework for reshaping the thinking within the Orthodox Jewish community and beyond. It has been a strong, steady voice for diversity, creativity, dynamism. It has been a strong, steady voice against authoritarianism, obscurantism, extremism and sectarianism. We thank our friends and supporters as we celebrate our 16th anniversary.

Rabbi Hayyim Angel teaches four-part series on Psalms

During this terrible time of crisis for Israel and Jews worldwide, many Jews have been reciting extra chapters of the Psalms. On four Tuesday evenings, Rabbi Hayyim Angel will give a mini-course to explain the context and meaning of the Book of Psalms to add to people's religious experience.

Dates:   December 5, 12, 26, and January 2 (no class December 19)

Time:  8:15-9:00 pm (classes are followed by recital of Psalms)

Where: Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey

Classes are free and open to the public.

Light and Shadows: Thoughts for Hanukkah

This article on Hanukkah draws on teachings of Daniel Kahneman, an Israeli-American author, psychologist and economist notable for his work on hedonic psychology, psychology of judgment and decision-making. He was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (shared with Vernon L. Smith). Since 1966, the tiny country of Israel has had 13 Nobel Prize Winners in various categories!!